Streamlining e-applications – handy tips

Online applications for refrigerant trading authorisations (RTAs) and refrigerant handling licences (RHLs) make up 95 per cent of all applications received by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). Using the online application facility is a quick and easy way to apply for or renew your permit.

Checks to undertake before you renew:

  • Check to see that your permit hasn’t expired. If it has, and you wish to continue to hold a permit, you have up to 6 months after expiry to renew.
  • Check that your details are up-to-date on the ARC’s self-service portal: name, address, email, phone etc. Visit and go to the change your details section for RTA or the change of details section for RHL.
  • For RTAs, check that the RHL holders listed against the RTA are current. Use the RHL check facility at
  • If you hold a RTA and RHL, check that you are renewing the correct permit.
  • For RTAs, check that there are no compliance issues pending from a permit condition check. This can hold up your renewal. If you are unsure, contact the ARC on 1300 884 483.

Useful tips

  • The online application/renewal facility should be used through Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers for optimal performance. It is also best to use a PC or laptop, not a mobile phone.
  • Make sure there are no symbols in the business name, for example: &, * or @. Symbols can come up as errors on your application/renewal and cause delays.
  • Set reminders for your permit expiry date(s). The ARC sends all permit holders renewal reminders 90 and 30 days prior to expiry. However, setting your own reminders is a great way to ensure you don’t forget to renew your permit.

If you have any questions about applying for or renewing a permit, please contact the ARC Licensing and Customer Service Team on 1300 884 483 or

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